English Russia » New Russian Girls Photo Trend.

Seems there is strange trend spreading across Russia Internet. It all has started after the lady from the photo above has posted her photo on Russian social network. She became popular very fast for this photo. Some people say because of her enormous bottom compared to face, some say just because of the look of her eyes, some are sure that just in overall this photo is cool. Now, hundreds of Russian ladies try to make a photo in such position, as you can see below. The call it “to make Vilena-style photo” – Vilena that’s the name of the first girl. By the way, this name has a Soviet origin. After the Communists took over in 1917 and their leader Lenin was a national hero many Russian young parents called their boys and girls after him using his initials and second name. Lenin’s full name was “Vladimir Iliich Lenin” – so new boyish name appeared “VILen” and girlish one two: “VILena”. There were also such names like “Vladlen” or “Vladlena” after “Vladimir Lenin”.

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